Most Challenging Aspects of Creating Appealing Copy for Ad Campaigns

Within my advertising Capstone Class, we have been blessed with the opportunity of creating a campaign designed around reforming WVU’s reputation. The main idea is to appeal to a demographic of undergraduate males that tend to drink too much, burn couches, create havoc, and act irresponsible at sporting events. We were told that this is one of the hardest capstone assignments that has been in the course, and we agreed. How are we suppose to alter a reputation that WVU has been known for around the country for years?

We decided that the best campaign approach would be to create a television advertisement campaign, a social media campaign, and couple it all with a chant contest to deliver our intended message. We asked, what aspects should we incorporate to make a better appeal to our demographic? This question becomes one of the most challenging aspects of creating effective ad campaigns.

There are a couple elements to consider adding to our campaign:

  • Humor – Humor always resonates with with an audience and allows the message to have a soft effect that the audience can relate to by its humorous style.
  • Fear – Fear is an aspect that can instill a message within the viewer by triggering a scared response to the message and help them to remember it.
  • Sex – Sex has always been, and forever will be, the most effective way of delivering a message through the appeal to lust and connect that feeling to the intended message.

There is something to consider when applying theses aspects to a message, however. A overuse or lack of use with each aspect will deliver an ineffective message and defeat the whole intention of your advertising campaign.

The key is creating a perfect balance for each of these aspects and enabling the message to have an effective appeal to its intended demographic. In our campaign situation, the best approach is a solid shock value; something that has not yet been seen and will spark a different feeling within the viewer


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  1. What a challenge! I see you’d like to play on humor, fear, or sex. I’m curios as to what your restrictions are when it comes to sex, since this is a class project and is aimed at improving WVU’s image. And is your group looking to to an ad based solely on graphic design, like this: or are you going to work with photos you take yourselves (and will this be in combination with some level of graphic design)? Also, have you, as advertising majors, had any training in creating videos, or will this be an additional challenge for your group?

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