What does a “J” in the life entail anyway?

College sucks for everyone.

Wait, let me refine that statement…The “working-all-the-time” part of college sucks for everyone.

As college students, I think we can relate with each other’s #collegekidproblems regardless of our respective majors.

That said, since falling into the journalism school, I’ve notice a particular trend to my work.  Check out the word cloud to see what a day in the life of a journalism student is all about.

What did I forget?  Let me know in a comment if you think that’s an accurate representation of a “J” in the life.

  1. This definitely fits my career in the J school. The only thing I’d ad is “deadlines”. (Maybe it’s on there and I just can’t see it.) But those are a big issue for me. Warning, I’m about to complain about writing: I feel like I’m constantly telling people I can’t do things because I have multiple deadlines to meet. Between three journalism classes this semester, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a deadline for something.

    • thecoalfist said:

      You’re absolutely right! Deadlines and “being broke” needs to be on there. I’m kind of mad I forgot both of them now :(.

  2. I’m wondering why “Chinese” is in there. A lot of journalism students are learning Chinese? If it’s true, aha, you made my day! One thing I want to add is “social media”, agree? I’m so tired of tons of information on social media, but I have to know and use it…

    • thecoalfist said:

      Hey Anan! Unfortunately, I think Chinese was actually input as “Chinese food,” but wordle separated the words. Sorry to disappoint you there! haha

      Social media should definitely be in the cloud though. Especially with the emphasis of this class, I feel a little silly that I forgot it. Thanks for the input!

      • Haha, “Chinese food” is awesome too! Anything related to China can cheer me up as I’m away from home:)

  3. I enjoyed this short and to the point post. If i were to add anything it would be “editing” because i’m in broadcast which entails a lot of late nights in the edit lab. Otherwise you pretty much have it covered!

    • thecoalfist said:

      Thanks for the kind words, Ali. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. “Editing” could certainly have been in the cloud! I think I was encompassing it (erroneously) with “writing,” but they are separate beasts, no doubt. Thanks for your input!

      • That’s true. The edit lab could be a word cloud in itself!

  4. I see the #gradschoolproblems hash tag gave you a little bit of inspiration…

    Anyway, this is an interesting use of the Wordle platform. It almost seems like writing should be on there in many different forms because as journalists were always writing in multiple capacities. Drafting, revising, editing, formatting, editing again, etc etc, but you’re definitely on the money with having writing as the big word. Beer could probably be bigger though, if you know what I mean (I mean that we drink a lot).

    • thecoalfist said:

      I take inspiration anywhere I can find it! haha I’m glad you enjoyed the post man. You’re definitely right about “writing” coming in different forms, and Ali also pointed out that I should have included “editing.” When I made it, I was just lumping all the different “states” of writing together, but I agree that the cloud could have been a little more interesting by separating them.

      There was a quote whenever I made a blog post (you know how they pop up after a post) that said, “I’m a drinker with a writing problem.” I thought that was hilarious, and it definitely fits!

  5. How did you get your wordle to show up like that!? I’ve been trying for 45 minutes to post mine on my blog post and I’m still having no luck! :/

    • thecoalfist said:

      On the wordle page, I got the full size image and took a screenshot of the page. Then I cropped out everything I didn’t want (like the URL at the top) in Microsoft Paint (like a boss) and just uploaded it like I would any other picture. On a PC, to get a screenshot of your current page, just hit “print screen” and then it’s copied. After that, just paste it into Paint (or photoshop if you’re cool).

      Hope that helps! 😀

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