University Officials’ Reactions to Negative Stories about WVU

WVU has constantly been under fire within the press from the negative fan behavior that it exhibits on game days. Journalism Advertising capstone classes have been asked to design a campaign around reviving the image of WVU and to deter negative fan behavior.

One effect of the negative fan behavior is how university officials react to the problem. This has been an ongoing trend for awhile. Officials question how to resolve this issue, and how to institute a way to deviate from typical game day behavior. Oliver luck had a response to these actions in MetroNews.

Here is a Wordle of the most common words used in the article –

Wordle: WVU 2

The results of the effects to turn the problem around appear to be of a positive light.

School officials will soon attend presentations within the Journalism school to view the ideas that have been created in order to fight against the negative light of WVU within the media. As long as students continue to act disrespectfully, the stories will continue to surface.

  1. I honestly hate our bad sportsmanship (mainly when we play pitt) because it reflects not only on the university but also on the community. Students tend to get out of control and think that obscene behavior should be tolerated but the negative fan behavior isn’t going to produce any positive results. We should act responsibly and respectfully. There are many ways to show you dislike the opposing team without getting thrown out of a game and I won’t even get into the “I’m Schmacked video!”

  2. You’re definitely right that the University seems to not understand its students and doesn’t seem to understand how the student body views their emails. When a mass email goes out scolding students for their behavior, it almost encourages students to misbehave again, much in the way that a parent saying they are embarrassed of their children pushes the children to be worse.

    The ruthless disciplining of the I’m Schmacked students is building more fear than respect and love for Morgantown and WVU. The lesson for most student was simply not to get video taped doing illegal things, which is not the ultimate goal of the discipline. For WVU to eradicate that sort of behavior, the University needs to dramatically change the entirety of its culture, which would also mean a significant change in its admissions process. That won’t happen. This culture is not going away.

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