Influencing Student Behavior Through Social Media

One such task our journalism ad class has so kindly deemed us to fulfill was to create a social media campaign that would incorporate the idea of deterring negative fan behavior.

The great thing about social media is that you can reach everybody. The bad thing about social media is that not everyone wants to be reached. It has to benefit the intended audience in some way, or it is winged out the door and never thought of again.

So we decided to beef up the concept. Why not design a ridiculous video clip and mention our social media outlets at the end of it? So we did. We made fools out of ourselves, and documented it on camera, all in the name of gathering a following on Facebook and Twitter. This will allow us to continually promote the necessity of positive fan behavior at WVU.

We hope that these video creations will spark some curiosity and have people start following @DIGWV for inspiration to act more respectful throughout WVU. Cause it’s DIGNITY! C’Mon!

Wait to see the commercials and footage floating around soon.

  1. I’m eager to see this video! It seems like you would have to access a lot of different WVU footage to really give insight on what goes on here. Did the whole class design the campaign or were there individual groups? It sounds like a project that could be a lot of fun!

  2. When will we see the video? What role did you play in the video? What sort of return do you expect on the video? Tell me more! Tell me more!

  3. Interesting! I like this idea. Yes, the bad thing about social media is that not everyone wants to be reached, but the heart of the social media is interaction. Only with this kind function of “reach everyone” can we interact and share.

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