New and Improved for TV

Ever since my first days in the J School, I heard so many horror stories of equipment issues within the TVJ department. As you all know by now we produce a student WVU News cast, and we shoot our own stuff too. The equipent wasn’t alwasy the best but all of the past and current students have made due. WVU always tries to provide their students with the best of the best and they haven’t ceased.

Recently, Television Productions at the Waterfront and the TVJ department has invested in a multi-million dollar project to upgrade all of their equipment to HD to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, I was not able to take advantage of this investment just yet and I must admit, I’m a bit jealous.

I am super happy for the prospective WVU News students that will have to ability to work with the new equipment. I truly believe this will make all the difference once they enter the real world in a newsroom or reporting in the field. TVJ is one of those fields that is super hands-on and you really have to just do it to perfect it.

Waterfront Productions will also be updating the set of WVU News for a newer, fresher, look. The look we currently have is a bit dated and hasn’t been changed in the last five or six years. I can’t wait to come back and see all of the renovations.

Not only are the WVU News students getting a chance to work with new equipment, the TVJ 386 class will also be using new cameras with HD quality options. These cameras are the ones that my class used this past semester and are only a year and a half old! As a graduating senior, I don’t think that these prosppective students realize how grateful they should be. Everyone n the TVJ department, as well as the J School in general, works really hard and fronts a lot of money to provide their students with the best of the best.

This does pose a question that I must ask…
Do you think that it is worth it to spend millions of dollars for new eqipment and a new set? Or do you think the money could be used for “more important things?


  1. So many bad memories flood my head when I reminisce on the big bulky cameras we had to use in JRL386. You never knew when the camera was going to eat your tape or your footage was going to disappear. So I would have to say yes, having these HD upgrades is worth the money because it is essential to the quality of our work as journalists.

    • Autumn L. said:

      I definitely agree! I was lucky enough to never have any severe equipment issues, but I still think it’s a great investment! But I could be a little bias 🙂

  2. This definitely eases some of my tension for taking WVU News next fall. Nothing hurts worse than realizing you have to go back out and reshoot something due to equipment malfunction. As a TVJ student, I’d say that the new equipment is definitely worth the money. And I really appreciate all that the SOJ does for us!

    • Autumn L. said:

      I agree, Sarah. I miss partnering with you! Goodluck next semester!

      • Likewise! And thank you, Autumn!

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