Changing of the guard

With this likely being my last post here on A ‘J’ in the Life, I wanted to do a little bit of looking back and look toward the future a bit.

It’s something that happens every year at student newspapers across the country.

The current editor eventually become the former editors as they get ready to graduate and a new group comes in and starts to hold down the fort as we close the year out and get ready for next year.

I’m fortunate enough to say that I got to work with a lot of incredibly talented and hard-working people this year at The Daily Athenaeum. We lose a couple of editors next year and I can honestly say that I’m going to miss working with people like Ben Gaughan (my Associate Sports Editor, who will be likely moving down to a sports writer position before graduating next December), our Editor-in-Chief Erin Fitzwilliams and City Editor Mackenzie Mays.

And then there’s John Terry. Our (now former) Managing Editor who will be moving down to Campus Calendar Editor next fall as he begins grad school and a graduate assistantship in the Sport Management program here at WVU.

Everyone who I listed above has helped make this year one of the best of my life. I’ve had a ton of fun getting to work with everyone over the course of this year.

Yesterday was our first day of getting to work with our new group of editors without the other guys being there to help out too much. It was the first time we really got to see what the new editors woudl be able to do without the other people walking them through everything.

Heading into that first day, I was pretty excited to get started with the new group.

After yesterday I might be even more ready to get next year started.

There are a lot of people who really want to come in and do a great job for this newspaper and that’s the biggest thing. If people come in and show right away that they’re willing to work hard, I’m not going to be worried at all about what they’ll be able to do next year.

In my opinion, I think the staff next year, as a whole, can be even better than we were this year. I’m not saying we weren’t good this year – because I feel like we were better than we were last year – but I think that with the editors that are returning, plus the ideas that some of the new people have brought with them and have already started working on, we have a chance to make a lot of improvements this year.

And that’s what’s great about places like The Daily Athenaeum.

We’re students, working in a professional environment every day without having teachers or advisors stepping in and telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. If we have ideas that we want to do and put on the page, we have the independence to be able to do that.

If it works out, that’s great. If not, we know not to do that again.

But the fact that we get to use this opportunity to do these kind of things is extremely exciting and it’s something that I think this next editorial staff here at The DA will be able to accomplish very easily.

It’s going to be a fun ride next year with Cody Schuler and Lydia Nuzum at the helm, and I couldn’t be happier to spend my final year at The DA working for those two.


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